Using PHP, MySQL, HTML5 and Javascript we build web information systems of different size and complexity according to the customer’s requirements; from small ones to complex industry systems for big companies. In our projects we often communicate with different types of external hardware (technological controlling systems, sensors, actuators…) or with other already deployed software (accounting systems, logistics systems …).

From our products:


A laboratory risk assessment system for the Swiss university EPFL in Lausanne. The system was established in 2012 and is constantly evolving based on the customer’s requirements. Based on the information entered for each laboratory, it evaluates individual hazards and the appropriateness of applying remedial measures. On the basis of calculations, it enables to reduce the hazard with the help of acceptable costs. The result is then exported as a protocol in MS Word format. The calculations themselves are performed in a program written in Python.



Enterprise information system VRPIS serves for an aluminum scrap processing plant. The system was deployed in 2015 and is continually enhanced according to the customer requirements. This big size information system covers all processes in the plant. To prevent data loss and downtime, the main nodes of the system are doubled and the database is constantly replicated to the backup server.


IS student

This information system was created for the management of postgraduate study at the Slovak Medical University in Bratislava. It is operated for more than 12 years.



Medical information system designed for smaller private health center. The system has been in operation for about 15 years. It provided the functions necessary for the complex provision of medical care promoting maximum cooperation between individual doctors. This system had a server part created in Java and a client part (GUI) was created in Javascript. MySQL was used as a database. After the change in the owner and the way of managing the health center, the system was superseeded by another.