We offer design, prototype production and smart device programming. We can customize the design of boards and firmware according to the customer’s needs. We put prototypes into the boxes designed as needed and printed on our own 3D printer.

Our team has many years of experience with these technologies:

  • microcontrollers
    • 8/16bit: ATtiny, ATmega, ATxmega
    • ARM: ESP2866, ESP32, NXP, RSL10, STM32
    • development boards: raspberry, arduino, …
  • Busses: i2c, SPI, CAN, USB, RS232/485, Modbus …
  • Communication: BT, WiFi, GPRS, Zigbee, LoRaWan, 868MHz …
  • Many different types of sensors and actuators.
  • Prototype manufacturing of 2-side PCB with SMD technology

1. Smart house

Based on many years of development, we have created an intelligent house with a distributed control system consisting of IoT-based modules. Installation in a family house typically consists of several dozen mutually communicating modules, each with its own processor. The solution is regularly extend not only with other types of sensors, but mainly with its “intelligence”. We are not just about simple automation, our goal is to build a truely smart house.


2. Optical meter

Our device takes pictures by its camera. Specialized software recognizes measured object, its position and rotation in 3D space and based on this calculates size. The result is showed on the display, stored in the internal database and sent by WiFi into the company information system. Device contains LED light, too. Use case can for instance measuring of the red-hot parts of objects in the metalurgy.


3. Smart car beacon

Our smart beacon is intended to check position and movements of vehicles on the company grounds. It contains a microcontroller with Wifi connection, LoRa transmitter, accelerometer, GPS tracking, powerfull RGB LED and a hooter. Beacon is mounted on a vehicle (e.g. visitor’s car) and measures its current speed. Should the vehicle exceeds the speed limit or wanders outside of restricted area, the beacon emits visual and audio alarm. Information about the current position and speed are sent by LoRaWan to the server application programmed by us. Our webclient can then visualize the current position of the vehicle and details about its movement.


4. Specialized controllers

One of the products is for instance a small control device for controlling of the big set of solar heating panels with heat accumulators. Solution contains a big set of thermometers, flow meters and controlled pumps. This device can be managed remotely by a touch screen or over the internet.


Another example is a desing & manufacturing of a controlling board for the continuous gas calorific value analyzer with 37 sensors and actuators controlled by four synchronized microcontrollers ATmega. The board contains drivers for stepper motors, pumps, relays, valves, thermometers, pressure gauges, flow meters and other sensors connected by ADC, digital, i2c or SPI interfaces. The board communicates via a touch screen, 4-20mA loop, RS485/Modbus or RS232 interface.

5. IoT and automotive devices

We design custom tailored IoT and automotive devices for various purposes. Devices can be battery operated, uses LoRaWan, Wifi, BLE, rs485 or other communication, can be connected to any sensors and actuators.