Our company creates and delivers inspiring and imaginative 3D virtual reality projects, 3D visualizations and 3D printing using a diverse range of 3D hardware and software platforms. Our experience includes construction of 3D projection theaters and 3D caves. Working closely with the customer, within a framework of time and budgetary constraints, we design, project manage and deliver turn-key solutions for the last 14 years.

We are transfering our long term experiences in 3D into non-standard solutions for industry where they allow to solve problems the classical controlling systems can not.

From our projects:

3D cave

We projected and supplied 3D cave for Technical university in Zvolen. The cave projects image to 5 walls with specialized glass screens with dimension 3 x 3 x 2,3 m. We have programmed a specialized software which utilizes 14 projectors and works on a cluster of 8 computers. System is equiped by a magnetic tracking of head movement and remote controller for movement in the cave. For the education a software was created for displaying the forest with the possibility of marking or cutting down the trees. The state of the forest after can be afterwars exported to the simulation software and simulate the revitalization of the forest in the horizont of a couple of years.

We created a 3D cave for the Technical University of Košice for the purpose of teaching 3D graphics at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Due to the spatial constraints, we created a compact cave made of 3D LCD displays. The delivery also included a cluster and a basic imaging software and a powerfull optical tracking.

3D cinema

We have created a range of 3D projections from a small screen to a large 3D cinema. 3D cinema utilized a set of six projectors, which used rear projection onto semicircle screen. A powerful 3D surround sound complemented the picture, and the entire system was controlled by an operational panel. The cinema could be also connected to a graphic cluster of high-performance computers and display virtual reality in real time.

Interactive 3D projekcion

We have designed and delivered a large rear 3D projection with two projectors for the Technical university of Košice. The space in front of the screen is monitored by an ultrasonic tracking system which is connected to a computer cluster. The delivery also included a framework for interactive projection created by us with showcase interactive programs.

We supplied a large-screen projection for the Faculty of Medicine of P.J. Šafárik University which included a 3D model of the human body and a creation of specialized software for the visualization of individual parts of the body.

Head mounted display

We created a program for virtual tour of apartments for real estate agency. The delivery also included a modification of the 3D model so that it could be used in the tour.

Data processing of 3D scans

We provided processing and conversion of data from 3D scans for customers from Japany and arabic countries. In general the goal was to reduce the number of points in massive 3D scans while retaining a reasonable accuracy, and conversion to a format usable for further processing. For example:

  • Processing of 3D scans from the cave complex under Mount Fuji in Japan.
  • Processing of 3D scans from the golf course and adaptation to a format suitable for the real-time ball movement simulator used in the TBS television golf program.
  • Processing of 3D scans of desalination plant for the production of drinking water from sea. The processed scans were the basis for the plant re-engineering.