This optical measuring device measures levels of molten aluminium and electrolyte which can be visually distinguished on a metal rod sunken and pulled from the molten metal.

The device analysis image from its own camera, recognizes the measure object, its position and rotation in 3D space and using all this information it calculates requested values. The result is shown on the display and stored into the inner database or wirelessly sent to a business information system.

Usage example: measuring of hot objects in metalurgy.

  • Touch screen.
  • QR code scanning (e.g. to categorize measurement).
  • Measurement can run either automatically in the most suitable conditions or it can be started manually by the user.
  • displaying of measured values
  • graphical representation of the measured image
  • inner history of measurements
  • export of measurements in CSV
  • export of images with graphical representation of measured values
  • export of measurements into a business information system