3D CAVE is a spatial construction which uses projection to its walls in order to simulate 3D space. Projected image is either in 2D or in stereoscopical 3D. Particular configuration depends on customer demands and resources and can be also augmented with a high-quality surround sound system.

The control system can be configured based on the purpose of the cave, utilizing both common game controllers and advanced combined tracking.

Project 3D cave – Zvolen

Virtual cave constructed for Technical university in Zvolen serves for the reasearch, learning and public relations. Utilizing the cave, the university can study natural objects,. such as a forest or a meadow, while providing a unique oportunity to simulate natural processes in the field.

Aside from this, the cave can also serve for the detail inspection of the technical objects; e.g. woodworking, machinery and construction equipment, as well as production technologies and halls.

What our cave looks like

This virtual cave is shaped in a form of a hollow block with one open side used as an entrace. Synchronized projectors are situated on the outside, projecting image onto the walls of the block from the rear which produces a feeling of a compact space around the observer. Dimensions of the side walls are 3 x 2.25 meters and of the floor 3 x 3 meters. A dual projector image is used for the each side wall. The observer wears 3D glasses with a device for the position recognition which provide the fully 3D image. The posiiotn of the user serves for the correct shift of the rendered 3D images in order to achieve the most faithful stereoscopcal perception.

The utilizitaion of the surrounding area is optimized by the usage of projection mirrors. A 5+1 audio surround system helps to achieve even greater immersion. The projectors are connected to a cluster of computers running a rendering software. A console computer is installed within the cave itself to control the entire system. The user movement inside the virtual scene is solved using either a joystick or a space pilot.

Projection walls are built of special plastic plates used for the rear projection. Floor is reinforced with a security glass in order to allolw the user to move inside the block. Totally 14 projectors are used for the 3D projection. Rendering cluster consits of eight computers; seven is designated to the rendering itself and serves as a master.

Another computer serves as a console for the remote management of the system, as well as for receiving input from the user, utilizing the stereoscopical system INFITEC.

Many possibilities

Virtual cave allows to tailor its configuration according to the needs of a specific customer. Among other customizations it is possble to alter the number of projection wall, technology of stereoscopy as well as construction materials.